About Us

Welcome to Ambong Resources Limited

Ambong Resources Limited is a wholly registered indigenous organization providing drilling engineering services and training to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.  The Company's versatility in rendering engineering and marine to it's various clients is as a result of the quality of it's manpower, facilities, and ability to meet the clients expectations The Company is fully capitalized in compliance with the statutory requirements of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Company's major asset is the quality of our staff. Our workforce comprises dedicated professional skills in various disciplines relevant to the oil and gas sector. We work as a team to accomplish our vision of providing competitive and excellent services to our clients.

Ambong Resources Limited  started operations in 2013 and was registered as a limited liability company in 2012 with a sole objective to impact and develop the oil and gas industry through the provision of technical and management resources and expertise.

We are fully integrated in Waste Management and Environmental Consulting; Provision of drilling rigs, Well services and Pipe construction and maintenance, laying and treatment, oil water treatment, Marine, Logistics and Maintenance which involves the supply of manpower and other Engineering related capabilities with an excellent team of technicians and engineers.

The company has continued to grow and diversify its operations and is positioned to do business involving,  Equipment leasing, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

The company scope of service covers both onshore and offshore services for the purpose of executing projects in-country with the commitment to enhance local content development.

Mission Statement

Ambong Resources Limited, apart from employing and retaining services of competent and qualified personnel, commits considerable amount of its resources to manpower development.

The continuous training programmes are tailored to meet the technological changes prevalent in the oil and gas sector.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our clients and reaching the industry peak with highly integrated and qualitatively packaged menu of products and services.

Ambong Resources Limited is determined in this course of mission to ensure the sustenance of our professional competence. We recognize the excellent potential for local content and developing in-country capabilities.


Vision Statement

To build a world class organizaton in marine, water, oil and gas industries that is solely Nigerian but a complete international feel.

Our Partners





Our Equitorial Guinea Focus

■  Maritime Services

■  Drilling Services

■  Well Services

■  Oil  Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), Inventory Project Management, Pipeyard Management, Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Inspection, Pipe Refurbishment, Coating, Mobile Pipe Care Units, Internal and External Cleaning, External Coating of Linepipes, Internal Coating of Linepipes, Cleaning of Linepipes, Pipetech Pipe Cleaning, Mill Scale and Corrosion Removal, Protective Coating and Painting, Pipe Care Units, Storage, Transportation, Procurement, Material Logistics, Logistics, Laboratory Services, Inspection, Offshore Casing and Tubing etc.

■  Setting up of Training Academy That will impart young men and women with the skill require to work and manage complex projects in oil and gas and maritime industries

Technical Resources

■  Discipline Project Managers

■  Discipline Engineers

■  Drilling Supervision

■  Material/Logistics Coordinators

■  Contract Specialist

■  Inspection Specialist (QA/QC)

■  HSE Specialist

■  Purchasing, Expediting & Warehousing